Monday, September 15, 2008

JBossRemoting release 2.5.0.GA is available

JBossRemoting 2.5.0.GA is now available. It started life as 2.4.0.SP2 (that is, it is primarily a bug fix release), but it evolved into 2.5.0.GA when it turned out that the internal divergence between Apache Tomcat and JBossWeb made it difficult to continue to support both versions. Henceforth, Remoting 2.x will support only JBossWeb, which means that the HTTP transport will work only with jdk 1.5 and above. All other Remoting facilities should, for now, continue to work with jdk 1.4, but it is the official policy of JBoss / Red Hat to no longer support jdk 1.4.

The jboss-remoting.jar file is available at and the complete distribution zip file is available at .

Feedback is welcome on the Remoting user forum:

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